Reme Pullicar, Chamber President will be facilitating the discussion. Our first topics will be:

1. What have your frustrations with the Chamber been over the last several years?

2. What are three things you wish the Chamber did better?

​3. What are three things you wish the Chamber offered, but doesn't? 

Sagebrush Days - Lessons Learned Meeting (All Perspectives are Invited)

AUGUST 1st 6pm - JOIN US at the West End Senior Center

Events from the West End and Beyond.

Welcome to our community event calendar!  If your event is not listed on the calendar but you would like it to be please contact us

Congratulations to Rudolfo (the founder), Walter, and the rest of the Buhl team on their grand opening and ribbon cutting. The Buhl restaraunt is the 5th location in this private chain. You can also find them in Ketchum, Bellevue, Hailey, and Meridian.

Thank you to all our local businesses who came by to welcome Rudolfo and his team. 

Drop in for lunch or dinner and support our newest Buhl Chamber Member! 

​1005 Main Street, Buhl ID 83316

(208) 543-2912

Buhl Chamber of Commerce Monthly Meeting

AUGUST 1st 12pm - JOIN US for LUNCH at La Cabinita Restaraunt

Come be a part of the solution!​​



June 17, 2023   12-5pm

We want to serve our members better. In conjunction with the 3-year Plan, we'll be reaching out to you for feedback -  Let's call it a Town Hall meeting. 

Please help support Beach Tanning and their community spirit. You can visit them at:

289 Clear Lakes Road, Buhl ID 83316

(208) 410-3638

Reme Pullicar, Chamber President will be facilitating and Mind Mapping the discussion.  Topics will include:

  • What went well and what could be improved? 
  • How were we hoping to benefit our members and community and what needs to change to serve those goals?

Have an Event Coming Up? Tell us about it!

Annual Events

A huge shout out and thank you to Peggy and The Beach Tanning company for hosting the May Networking event.  We look forward to many more. ​​

Thank you to all who came out to celebrate the County Flowers grand opening and ribbon cutting. It was an honor for the Chamber to participate. 

Call us: (208)543-6682

Email us at:

Facebook: Message us on our Facebook page

La Cabanita Mex Restaurant - Congratulations Rudolfo and Walter

on your Grand Opening! 

RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY - June 30, 2023 11am

Please join us in celebrating our newest chamber member and local business.