• A low cost for additional advertising on the Signboard

  • A free month of advertising on the Electronic Signboard with new or renewal membership.

  • Promotion of your special events through the website

We would like to invite you to become a member of the Buhl Chamber of Commerce, yet in order to understand why to become a member, it is important to understand what we do.

The Buhl Chamber of Commerce is a service institution and an action organization.  It it our goal to provide a medium through which the people and businesses can take effective action for the progress of this community.  We are organized to promote economic opportunities and to strengthen the business community in Buhl, Castleford, and the West End of Twin Falls County

  • More opportunities to promote your business or events

  • Invitations to Networking events

  • Your Business Listing on the Chamber of Commerce Website with a link to your website

Benefits of Being A Member



  • Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening Ceremonies

 To become a member is simple.  Just download the application at the bottom of this page, fill it out, follow the directions, bring it to the Chamber of Commerce office and you are in. If you are not currently a member and have  further questions, you can always contact the Chamber office and we would be glad to help in any way that is possible. We do hope to hear from you soon.

How To Become A Member

  • Kept up to date on local activities though a weekly Email Newsletter

  • More up to date with Facebook posts and shares of events.

Membership Fees And Applications